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The BEATLES Art Collection

“You’re going to make a million dollars with this painting...see, I’m an artist too...”
                                  -Paul McCartney

(Said Paul as he drew a smiling face and signed an Aldag
original of himself in Hamburg, Germany)

Art Collection

“I named my art: Defingismus...
to Change the Form of Reality!”

                   - Juergen Aldag

SIEGFRIED & ROY Art Collection

“In Juergen, we have found the person
who could transform the magic of our photographs
into a statement of what Siegfried and I stand for.”

                                       - Roy Horn
                                                      Siegfried & Roy

“Juergen’s Art Will Rock
You Like a Hurricane!”

            - Rudolf Schanker

Art Collection


I have never looked
so beautiful as in your art!

            - Cher

Art Collection



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