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“Juergen’s Art Will Rock You Like a Hurricane!”
                                                                                             - Rudolf Schanker

Juergen Aldag is known as “The Celebrity Artist” because he was a celebrity in the art world and he painted for celebrities that were usually collectors as well.  The Scorpions were personal friends of his and they were featured at some of his art exhibitions in Germany and America. They would attend to sign his paintings and take photos with his guests.  He painted hundreds of paintings for them over the many years that they were friends.  Juergen loved the Scorpions and their music and they loved Juergen the crazy artist and his art!

“Scorpions Bite”

“Rudolf Rocks Gold”

“White Dove”


“Klaus Unplugged”

“Matthias Unplugged”


History Making Album Covers

In 1991 Juergen Aldag created three album covers for one album “Still Loving You” for the Scorpions. That was the first Album in history that was published with three different covers and colors (Blue, Red and Purple) that were distributed worldwide.

In 1993 Juergen went on tour with the Scorpions on the “Face The Heat” tour and was considered an “honorary” band member.


Juergen Aldag silk screened hundreds of original fine art paintings for the Scorpions. He was well known in Germany as one of the best commercial silk screen specialist in the world. He had a huge warehouse art studio in Germany filled with several enormous silk screen machines and other costly equipment used to create oversized original artwork.

It looked like mass production, but in fact each one was an original with various colors and screens.

In 2004 Juergen Introduced The Scorpions to Siegfried & Roy

In 1995 Juergen’s Wife Wendy Arvella wrote a song for Roy Horn’s birthday (of Siegfried & Roy Show in Las Vegas) and Matthias Japs wrote the music and recorded it in Hanover, Germany. He also played the guitar and the Scorpion drummer Ralph played the drums (while Wendy wrote the lyrics and sang) on the recording. The song was titled “White Lions of Timbivati” after a children’s book that Wendy wrote for Siegfried & Roy as well.

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